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Sensible FMS Software

About Sensible FMS Software

Lean by Design - Our Sensible Foundation Management System is a cloud-based software system specially designed for lean family foundations. It allows you to follow your foundation's values and principles when making grants. Unlike traditional grant management systems that enforce "corporate best practices," our system empowers you to embrace trust-based grantmaking and follow your family's guidelines. We understand that family foundations value personal relationships, trust, and deep community understanding.

Right-Sizing - Our Foundation Management System focuses on "right-sizing." We know that a system that is too big and complex can be overwhelming and necessitate extensive administration, wasting time and resources. Our system perfectly balances functionality and simplicity, offering a comprehensive yet user-friendly solution tailored to your foundation's needs. 

No Recurring License Costs - Our system utilizes Salesforce and Google Workspace. This combination provides industry-leading tools to family foundations without any recurring license costs. With Salesforce, you can effectively track and manage relationships, streamline grantmaking efforts, and gain valuable insights into your foundation's activities. Google Workspace offers productivity tools like email, document collaboration, and cloud storage.


Sensible FMS Implementation Options


$10,000 one-time cost
No recurring license fees

  • Organizations 

  • Contacts

  • Grants

  • Requirements

  • Payments

  • Board Meetings

  • Distribution Years

  • One Standard Dashboard

  • File Storage

  • Project Management 

  • A Five-hour Customization/Training Budget

  • Additional Customization, Training, and Ongoing Support are $200/hour, as requested.


$15,000 one-time cost

No recurring license fees

Essentials plus:

  • Two Standard Dashboards 

  • Up to Two Simple Online Applications

  • Up to Two Simple Online Grantee Reports

  • Google Workspace Integration 

  • Up to Three Merge Documents

  • A Ten-hour Customization/Training Budget

  • Additional Customization, Training, and Ongoing Support are $200/hour, as requested.



$15,000 +

Add-on products may have recurring license fees

Lean plus:

  • Any custom functionality needed by your foundation

  • Total Costs depend on your Scope of Work

  • As requested, ongoing support is $200/hour.

Extras for all Options at $200/hour:

  • Data Migration

  • Custom Reports and Dashboards

  • GuideStar Charity Check

  • Check Printing

Sensible FMS Focus Areas


Grant Lifecycle 

Sensible FMS is a versatile system that caters to the diverse needs of family foundations, supporting both traditional grant lifecycles and trust-based grantmaking processes, as well as everything in between. With Sensible FMS, foundations have the flexibility to customize and adapt the system to align with their specific grantmaking practices. The system empowers foundations to tailor their grantmaking approach, enabling them to support their family's mission and grantmaking strategies effectively.



With Salesforce CRM integrated into Sensible FMS, family foundations can prioritize relationships with individuals and organizations. These connections foster collaboration, trust, and learning. Assessing alignment with potential grantees informs funding decisions, while ongoing engagement supports progress, guidance, and capacity building. Collaborative partnerships enable tailored support, resource leverage, and innovation. Insights from grantees enhance foundation strategies. By investing in relationships, family foundations empower grantees and drive meaningful change.



Internal and external collaboration drives innovation, productivity, and problem-solving. Within your foundation, collaboration encourages teamwork, knowledge sharing, and synergy among decision-makers. Externally, collaboration brings together diverse skills, resources, and networks, enabling the development of effective solutions. Collaborative partnerships allow for the leveraging of expertise.  With Sensible FMS, collaboration is facilitated using both Salesforce and Google Workspace.

Our mission is making philanthropy a family affair by implementing support systems with a focus on family member collaboration.

By leveraging Salesforce’s 10 free user licenses, and Google's Workspace for Nonprofits, for each of our client’s platforms, Sensible Philanthropy Support Systems can create highly customized solutions that match both your culture and processes with a sensible investment.  We have over 20 years experience successfully implementing grant management solutions.

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